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Dr. James J. Dalfino

Dr. James J. Dalfino

Clinic Director

Dr. James J. Dalfino is the President and Clinic Director of Connecticut Disc and Laser Therapy Centers.  He has been in private practice 21 years and specializes in non-surgical treatments for today’s most chronic conditions.



Zerona: Non-Invasive Fat Loss Treatment Ideal For Men

Literally millions of men have struggled with weight loss, and have had difficulty finding anything that really worked well for them. Diet and exercise are both critical components of a healthy lifestyle, but even if you're observing a good diet and have regular...

How do I know if my knee pain is serious?

How Do I Know If My Knee Pain Is Serious?  At some point in your life, you’ve probably experienced knee pain, as it’s something that can affect people of all ages. It’s very common, and it’s not always a sign that you’re experiencing any serious symptoms....

Why Zerona is Amazing and How to Improve its Results

If you've never heard of Zerona before, you can think of it as an alternative to liposuction surgery or other types of fat loss approaches. It is a body slimming laser treatment that gives you the option of avoiding any kind of invasive surgical process, most of which...

What are the main causes of back pain?

What Are The Main Causes Of Back Pain? Unfortunately, such a large percentage of people fall victim to back pain at some point during their lives, and many of these sufferers have to deal with near-constant discomfort as a result of their issues. Back pain can stop...

How can I relieve my neck pain?

How Can I Relieve My Neck Pain? If you're experiencing aches and pains in your neck, it can be extremely debilitating. At best it is an uncomfortable inconvenience, and in the worst cases it can severely impact your personal and professional life. Neck pain can be...

Dealing with Back Pain: Recommended Treatments 

Most people will eventually experience some kind of back pain in their lives, since it is one of the most common of all medical conditions. In the majority of cases, this pain will be of the acute variety, meaning that it will subside all on its own, without...

Why is non-surgical spinal decompression so effective? 

Approximately 80% of all individuals living in this country will eventually experience some level of back pain during their lifetimes. A good portion of these people will further develop chronic back pain that persists throughout their entire life. Anyone who does...

Don’t Turn Your Back on Your Back Pain 

Some kinds of back pain are relatively minor, and will subside on their own after a few weeks. Other types of back pain seem to persist indefinitely, and they can get bad enough that they literally dominate your thinking and your actions. Back pain can even...

Why Does My Back Hurt?

Many people wonder why their back hurts. A common complaint of lower back pain is that it starts with a nagging sensation and then becomes more severe over time. This article will explore the mechanisms behind this complaint and will help you understand how to best...

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