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About Us | Connecticut Disc and Laser Therapy Centers | Dr. James Dalfino

Healing Different Ailments Daily

At Connecticut Disc and Laser Therapy Centers, we use specialized, state-of-the-art technology.
Our patients have tried physical therapy, medications, injections and even surgery. Our technology provides relief without medications, without injections, and without surgery.
We treat a variety of today’s common conditions: lower back pain, neck pain, and bulging or herniated discs.
We also treat spinal stenosis, degenerative disc disease, facet syndrome and spinal arthritis. We also treat shoulder pain, wrist pain and carpal tunnel syndrome
We treat knee pain patients, hip pain and sciatica, along with neuropathy. No matter what your age, we have options for you.
We have programs for patients with diabetes who cannot regulate their blood sugar.  Or patients experiencing thyroid disease and neuropathy.
If you are looking to lose weight or lose inches, laser lipo body slimming look no further than Zerona. Zerona (www.myzerona.com) is the first FDA cleared non surgical treatment to lose fat and inches.

We Treat and Heal Where Others Have Failed

About Us | At Connecticut Disc and Laser Therapy Centers, we treat and heal conditions where others failed

Our patients are at the stage where they are on daily dosages of medications. Some patients are contemplating or have had surgery.
Call today to set up a consultation with Dr. Dalfino. During your consultation, Dr. Dalfino can determine if he can help you. From there, he can discuss with you the treatments that will be most helpful to relieve your pain.
From herniated disc therapies to knee pain treatments, our our treatments restore function and avoid the need for prescription drugs, injections or even surgery.
In our state of the art facility, we will treat you with the highest quality care available. We examine each case before treatment and ensure you are a suitable candidate for our protocols.
dr. james j. dalfino | connecticut disc and laser therapy centers
About Us | Connecticut Disc and Laser Therapy Centers | Dr. James Dalfino

Why We Are Different

About Us | At Connecticut Disc and Laser Therapy Centers, we don’t treat conditions that use the same common treatment methods recycled for every presenting condition.
Our use of modern advances in the non-surgical arena have helped us specialize in treatments such as Class 4 laser therapy and Non-surgical spinal decompression.
These treatment options, among other options we use, provide our patients with a surgical alternative when many other treatment options failed or stopped helping.  
If you are looking to avoid surgery, or just want a second opinion, we invite you to make an appointment today and speak with Dr. Dalfino.


Connecticut Disc and Laser Therapy Centers
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