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Ankle Pain Treatment

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Ankle Pain Be Gone.

Ankle Pain Treatment and Management.

Ankle pain can be severely limiting; it can constrain your ability to walk, stand, and pursue the activities you love. Ankle pain not only interferes with work and hobbies but can also make basic tasks like bathing and dressing a challenge. 

Our regenerative ankle pain treatments provide a non-surgical, drug-free path to genuine pain relief.  Let us help you get your life back!

ankle pain treatment | Connecticut Disc and Laser Therapy Center | Dr. James J. Dalfino

Ankle Pain Be Gone.

How Did This Start?

Ankle pain has many causes.  There can be impact injuries, sprains, and strains to chronic conditions like arthritis. Overuse injuries are also common, particularly among athletes and physically active individuals. Regardless of the origin, ankle pain can drastically hinder mobility and hamper your quality of life, so finding effective ankle pain treatment is extremely important.

Symptoms can be throbbing, dull, sharp and even radiate.  One additional issue is the ankle bears weight, so standing can even hurt as well.