Cutting Edge Cryofos Cryotherapy

Cryofos Treatment | Connecticut Disc and Laser Therapy Centers | Dr. James Dalfino | Shelton CT

Cryofos In Connecticut

Using medical CO2 gas, Cryofos applies gentle pressure while delivering intense cold therapy.  Drastic and abrupt reduction in the surface temperature causes a “Thermal Shock” that, when combined with the pressure from the gas, produces pain relief and promotes healing.

How Cryofos Works

The key to Cryofos is the treatment of pain through combined effects of extreme colling and pressure.

Cryofos delivers intense cold therapy using CO2 gas that emerges as a fine spray hitting the skin at a temperature of -78° C and cooling the treated area to between 2° C and 4° C in under 30 seconds. This abrupt and drastic temperature change, called a Thermal Shock, triggers a neuro-reflexive response in the body.

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