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Hip Pain Treatment

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Hip Pain Treatments That Work.

Looking for a natural and effective way to relieve your hip pain?  You may want to consider laser and shockwave treatments. These therapies are non-invasive and use light and sound energy to target the source of your pain and stimulate healing.  Laser therapy reduces inflammation and improves circulation in superficial tissues, while shockwave therapy reaches deeper tissues and repairs damaged cells. Together, they can help you restore your mobility and quality of life.

You Are Hip With Us

Hip Pain Relief That Works.

Connecticut Disc and Laser Therapy Centers specializes in regenerative medical technology including MLS Laser Therapy and Shockwave, and we treat hip pain successfully without any need for surgery, injections or medicine.

By combining laser therapy treatment with other treatments, we can deliver excellent results for our patients, stimulate tissue growth, improve recovery times and help reduce pain while improving the healing process.

At Connecticut Disc and Laser Therapy Centers, we know that this can be a very harmful and frustrating source of pain. You may not be as active or mobile as you used to be or would like to be.

If you have tried or thought about all ordinary forms of therapy for your pain – from medicines to surgery – and are not meeting your goal with the results, our laser therapy and other different treatment methods might be right for you.

Depending on your evaluation, Dr. Dalfino may recommend specific treatments, such as:


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