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Deep Tissue High Power Laser Therapy Is Available In Connecticut

Connecticut Disc and Laser Therapy Centers is proud to offer Connecticut and New York residents relief from multiple common conditions using Class 4 Deep Tissue Laser from Litecure Medical.

Laser therapy has been around for nearly 30 years, but has been gaining traction for its success in treating neck and lower back pain, knee and shoulder pain and a variety of other conditions.

FDA cleared, treatment helps patients by reducing inflammation and minimizing pain as a result.  This form of treatment is highly effective in the treatment of chronic, acute, and post-operative pain problems.

Safe and Effective

Treatments are completely safe. In as fast as 5-10 minutes, patients receiving deep tissue laser treatments are done and ready to go about their day, and it only takes a few sessions to start seeing real results.

Our treatments build on the natural, powerful healing abilities your body already has and activate it further by stimulating cellular healing and activity.

Though the treatments themselves are quick, the healing process they induce continues to diminish pain and inflammation well after the treatment.

Sport Athletes Use Laser Therapy

Athletic trainers in many sporting industries such as the NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL, FIFA and Olympic teams all have begun to utilize the extraordinary pain management capabilities of laser therapy.

Naturally, these are individuals where down time is never an option, and they need to find immediate relief to get back into the game.

Laser helps to decrease inflammation and restore health to cells and joints.  It is very effective for conditions like:  lower back pain, neck pain, knee pain, shoulder pain, hip paincarpal tunnel syndrome, neuropathy.

Why Laser Therapy At Connecticut Disc and Laser Therapy Centers?

Simply put, not all lasers are created the same.  As technology advances, so do the results of newer, higher powered lasers that we have in our clinic.  We pride ourselves on being on the cutting-edge of the latest and most effective laser therapies available.  Our clinic is proud to provide Class 4 Laser Therapy from Litecure Medical.  Litecure produces the strongest and most effective Cold Laser Device available to date. Just released is their new 40W (watt) laser, providing doctors with greater penetrating depth and flexibility for the toughest cases.

Even if you have tried laser therapy before and had mixed results, you might have experienced more antiquated and ineffectual laser devices that were simply not able to perform well enough to support your needs.  We invite you to schedule a consultation to learn more about how our laser therapy treatments are more effective as we are experts in this industry.

Want More Information?

Request A Copy of Our Free Patient Guide on Severe Lower Back Pain.  No Cost.  No Obligation.

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